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Advantages of Renting

There are many advantages to renting equipment.

Right equipment for the job
Ownership of certain equipment often forces another kind of inefficiency through the wrong size or type of equipment for a given job. This can add to additional hidden cost.

Conservation of capital
Renting frees capital for other potentially more profitable uses than that of being tied up in equipment.

Increase in borrowing Capacity
The equipment user who rents rather than buys generally finds borrowing easier, because he has a better ratio of assets to liabilities, as the rental equipment does not appear as a liability on his balance sheet.

This means that his normal line of bank credit is not disturbed. Contractors have found this most important in securing the bonds necessary for bidding construction work.

Equipment rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis from Tomcon includes full maintenance. The user of the equipment needs no repair shop, no spare parts supply, no mechanics, or staff to keep track of maintenance records. Your only responsible is that the machine be operated in a safe manner.

Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdown.  When rented equipment breaks down, it is immediately repaired by a Tomcon technician in the field. If the equipment is beyond repair we will exchange it with a machine of equal quality or better. Time lost from breakdowns of owned equipment, as well as the cost of the repairs must also be considered.

Warehouses or land are often needed to store equipment and maintain them. Renting equipment for your project not only ensures you get the right equipment for the job, you also eliminate the cost of owning or renting land for storage. Many contractors operate successful construction companies with no little more overhead than the cost of office personnel by having rental centers like Tomcon Industries serve as their storage facility.

Cost Control
Better cost control is possible with rented equipment. Knowing the true cost of owned equipment is difficult.  Rented equipment offers its user just one accountable cost figure for each piece of equipment on the job that is shown on the individual rental invoice.

Licensing Fees
All permits that are required to be registered with Motor Vehicles for the machine are obtained by the staff at Tomcon at no additional charge to the customer.

Advantages of Renting Construction Equipment

Tomcon Rental Equipment

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